BBC reports WTC "collapsed" and it is still standing   7:15 min    BBC Reported Building 7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it fell. Revealing, shocking video shows reporter talking about collapse with WTC 7 still standing in background. This is a verified live transmission with the reporter on-site, and the background image of Ground Zero also live.
  Question: How did the BBC know it was about to come down when the official story says its collapse happened accidentally as a result of fire damage and debris weakening the building's structure?
  Cheney in Command of NORAD   3:30 min   For the past 50 years, NORAD has had the duty of protecting US airspace from attack, and has always been under the direct command of select US Military Generals. Three months before the attack of 9-11, Dick Cheney usurped control of NORAD, and therefore he, and no one else, had the power to call for military sorties on the hijacked airliners on 9-11. He did not exercise that power, and consequently, the Pentagon, WTC2 and WTC7 were left unprotected, and then destroyed, resulting in the death of thousands of innocents.   
  Question: Why was Cheney in command of NORAD? And why did Cheney "stand down" our defences, allowing the attacks to succeed?
  Pentagon Sacrificed?   4:00 min   Norman Mineta (US Secretary of Transportation) testifies that Dick Cheney was operationally aware of flight 77 as it approached the Pentagon. The government has consistently stated that it did not know the whereabouts of the hijacked aircraft before they crashed. In this video Norman Mineta, testifies before the 9/11 Commission that he was present and personally observed VP Dick Cheney in the Presidential Emergency Operating Center tracking the exact position of flight 77 for many miles on its approach to the Pentagon.
  Question: How could the most heavily defended building in the world have been so easily attacked?
  Controlled Demolition of WTC7   2:30 min   Watch Larry Silverstein, the owner of WTC7, comment that Building Seven would have to be pulled "to prevent any further loss of life", and so they "pulled it". Pulling a structure is a well-understood industry term for a controlled demolition. This "pulled" 47-story building then collapsed exactly as WTC1 and WTC2 had. It takes weeks or even months of careful planning to prepare a large structure like WTC7 for demolition, and they had 4 hours under war-zone like working conditions.
  Question: They admit WTC7 was "pulled", so when did they actually install and wire the explosives?
  Booker School   2:45 min   Bizarre behavior by President Bush and the Secret Service. While the US is under terrorist attack, he reads with children during a pre-scheduled photo-op. His schedule was known well in advance, and real terrorists would have loved to crash into his location. Instead of performing their most important sworn duty to immediately rush the President to a unknown secure location, the Secret Service did absolutely nothing. Absolute proof of their advance knowledge of the terrorists targets.
  Question: Why such reckless and senseless behavior?
  C-Span 911 Symposium  90:00 min   C-Span Airing Of L.A. Conference Shows Mainstreaming Of 9/11 Truth. CSPAN has released figures documenting this episode to be the most watched episode they have streamed. This mainstream coverage brings a fresh injection of credibility to, and advances the 9/11 truth movement. Watch the American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion, featuring Professor James Fetzer, Professor Steven E. Jones, Author Webster Tarpley, Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret., and others, as hosted by Alex Jones of Prision Planet fame.
  Charlie Sheen jumps in  10:00 min   The first major Hollywood star to risk his career and personal well being by coming forward with serious accusations against those in charge of the official government's theory of the attacks of 9-11. He has really studied the available evidence, and that clearly comes through in his presentation on the Alex Jones radio show. Here you can watch the coverage of his startling presentation on CNN's Showbiz Tonight episode of 3/22/06. Great job CNN - now let's hear some truth from the History Channel, and The Discovery Channel. NOTE: this is a very large video clip.
  Question: With the Scholars for 9-11 Truth on one flank, and top celebrities forming on the other flank, how long can the phony hijack lie hold up?
  Charlie Sheen live on Jimmy Kimmel Show  3:00 min   Over the past month Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11 have sent shockwaves throughout the media and caused a firestorm of both support and establishment hit pieces. Sheen made history Friday night when he became the first high profile figure to bring serious questions about 9/11 to the forum of the late night talk show. Sheen was sharp to focus in on just two important topics to peak the interest of the viewer and not leave them muddled as to what he was actually highlighting. "There are two areas," said Sheen, "Building 7 and the five frames from the Pentagon. Don't listen to me, do your own research." thanks to
  Question: How can any reasoonable and patriotic person not agree we need an new impartial 9-11 investigation?
  Flight 93 crash site   3:00 min   TV News video, filmed live and broadcast on the day of Todd Beamer's "let's roll" crash in Shanksville PA. No recognizable parts of a plane can be found by the hundreds of volunteers that combed the area. Just a small crater in the ground. Where is the raging jet fuel fire? No tail section, no wheels, no seats, no luggage, "nothing larger than a phone book", according to the Channel Five commentator.
  Question: Where did the Boeing 757 go?
  Pentagon   5:00 min   Televised comments by seasoned TV news reporters from the Pentagon immediately after it was struck, and before the side of the building collapsed. They are astounded that no plane parts are visible anywhere, and that there is such a small hole in the wall. No one really knows what might have hit the Pentagon, but they're sure it wasn't a 757airliner. We have no clue either, but when taken with all the other questionable aspects of this day, it makes you really wonder.   
  Question: And where did this Boeing 757 go?
  Actual NYFD radio from WTC1   6:30 min   Listen to the radio communications between NY Firefighters within Tower One, from multiple floors including the 78th, that they were positive the fires could be knocked down with just standard hoses. They were in the process of doing just that when the collapse occurred, taking the lives of 343 valiant firemen in the line of duty. The FDNY had one funeral almost every day for a full year, as a direct result of the treasons on 9/11. You will also hear their reports of multiple explosions at various intervals on these broadcasts as well.
  Question: Steel melting inferno? Who do you believe, govt. disinfo artists, or NYC Firefighters?
  Phoney Osama   1:00 min   On 12/14/01 the government claimed they found a video of Osama Bin Laden, confessing to the 9-11 attacks. It has since been thouroughly discredited. On 01/18/06, we were told they received an audio tape by Osama, warning us of more attacks in the works. They can't produce a convincing phoney video, so they had to resort to a phoney audio tape. If Osama truly wanted to threaten us, he could easily produce a top quality high res video that was undeniably him, even from the depths of his "cave". These grainy out-of-focus videos are OBVIOUS FAKES, and poor ones at that.
  Question: Who stands to benefit from these tapes? (see US Terror History and New US terror Industry clips below)
  Suicide Hijackers Found Alive   2:30 min   To date, nine of the nineteen suicide hijackers we accused of flying the airliners into the Trade Towers and the Pentagon have been discovered to actually still be alive. No wonder we can't beat these terrorists who hate our freedoms, they've discovered the art of resurrection. They simply spend a little quality time with their 72 Virgins, and it's back to the battle with the Great Satan.
  Question: If we went to war because those identified as hijackers were from a supposed Iraq-based terror group, when do we apologize for our regretable mistake?
  9-11 Comission Report   6:00 min   In this videotaped seminar segment, Professor David Ray Griffin states that "The 9-11 Commission Report is a national disgrace", and that "it should win a prize for creative fiction". He clearly details, point by point, the many serious omissions and revisions within the Commission's final report. We therefore consider the 9-11 Commission Report useless at best, and possibly even an intentional whitewash.
  Question: Given their limitless staff and resources, why would they publish such rubbish?
  9-11 "Whitewash" Report   5:30 min   As reported in the October 2004 edition of Harper's, the Official 9-11 Commission's Report, in its entirety, is nothing more than a whitewash of all government agencies. Every member of the 9-11 Commission was very compromised with conflicts of interest that shold have eliminated them from their investigative position on the Commission.
  Question: Why were the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Justice Department and Whitehouse shielded from investigation?
  Traitors and Patriots   4:30 min   A few of the patriots that have inside knowledge of the blocked investigations PRIOR to the crimes of September Eleventh that have attempted to come forward with information, and have suffered substansial personal harm for thier actions. Hear how George Bush, prior to 9-11, signed Presidential Decision Directive W-199-I , blocking the FBI and defense intelligence officers from interfering with al-Qaeda, under threat of arrest for national security implications.
  Question: Why did George Bush sign PDD W-199I blocking FBI al-Qaeda investigations?
  9-11 and the Ultimate Insider Trading   5:30 min   This non-partisan presentation reveals a tangled web of government agencies, government personnel and private companies that, through complex maneuvers prior to the attack of 9-11, profited most handsomely from the attack. This video exposes much, but leaves the viewer to answer the larger question of how so many interrelated coincidences could possibly occur, producing incredible profit for a select few, without the benefit of foreknowledge and planning.
  Question: Who stood to profit the most from the 9-11 attacks?   Hint: (It was not Bin Laden)
  US Terror History   7:30 min   Our government has been guilty of terrorizing its citizens before. During JFK's presidency, a plan codenamed OPERATION NORTHWOODS  (PDF)  (WORD)  was crafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to detonate US buildings and airliners, then implicate Fidel Castro. It was only stopped at the very highest levels. Then came the plan to blow up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and blame it on "terrorists" with one ANFO truck bomb in front of the building. Sadly, this one was fully executed. Watch the news video captured live, then decide.
  Question: Since they carefully planned a real terror attack on US soil before, why not again?
  New U.S. Terror Industry   1:30 min   The 2004 Republican convention turned into a "terror-fest" of unheard of proportions. Cheney, Giuliani and Bush cannot contain their glee while informing America of its dark future. But never fear, they have a plan to protect you from these terrorists, and all you need to do is relinquish your Constitutional rights and liberties. Maybe we can't manufacture electronic gadgets or cars anymore, but our manufacturing of terror is second to none. ARTICLE: A FALSE SENSE OF INSECURITY
  Question: Are the constant terror attack reminders sounding somewhat disingenuous to you?
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Alex Jones InfoWars
Jimmy Walters ReOpen911
Alex Jones PrisonPlanet
Dylan Avery Loose Change

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